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Complaint & Investigation Process

A visual reference for understanding the joint complaint and investigation process.

Nova Scotia Regulated Health Professions Network Act

The complete Nova Scotia Regulated Health Professions Network Act

Nova Scotia Regulated Health Profession Network By-Laws

The by-laws guiding the activities of The Network (NSRHPN)

Regulation Updates In Nova Scotia

The College of Dental Hygienists of Nova Scotia (CDHNS) White Paper –Dental Hygienists Prevent More to Treat Less

The White Paper is intended to serve as a valuable reference document for government, stakeholders and those involved with health policy, planning and service delivery. The paper also serves as a tool to assist other health professions in understanding the role of dental hygienists when working to the full scope of practice especially within collaborative practice settings


Best Practices

Regulation Trends and Philosophies

This document presents an overview of views and ideas gleaned from the investigation – a review of the literature, relevant documents, and interviews with over 100 individuals.


Canadian Framework for Teamwork and Communications

Literature Review, Needs Assessment, Evaluation of Training Tools and Expert Consultations from the Canadian Patient Safety Institute


Core Competencies: The Next Generation

This report demonstrates the application of a competency model to the regulated and unregulated professions of medical radiation technology, social work, pharmacy, and psychology.



Effective Networks

Conducted by McKinsey Hospital
Institute (MHI) for the Health Foundation this report argues that the process of improvement in healthcare is also highly social and, at least for certain types of improvement, this is a strength to be leveraged.


Practitioner Engagement


Futurist Look at Regulation

A commentary on legal issues affecting professional regulation


Optimizing Scopes of Practice

Canadian Academy of Health Sciences report on scopes of practice



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